Complete Your Game Plan Interview with Your Sponsor
Download the First Step Guide and complete it with your sponsor during your Game Plan Inteview right away.  Your First Step Guide will help you identify your warm market prospects with a helpful memory jogger and help you plan for your first Private Business Reception (PBR) with your PBR checklist.

Download First Step Guide

Watch the First Step Training Video 
Watch the First Step training video to help you complete your First Step document and take your first steps as a new LegalShield Independent Associate.

Know Your 'Why' Wall of Why Video
Your 'Why' is what will drive you and motivate you in your LegalShield business. Be sure to take the time to define your 'Why' and post it somewhere where you will see it everyday. 

Create Your List
Build a big list using the memory jogger and lists pages in the First Step Guide.

Launch Your Business

Complete Private Business Reception Training

Watch the Private Business Reception training video and use the PBR checklist in the First Step Guide to learn how to plan and facilitate your Private Business Reception.

Listen to Example Invitation to a Private Conference Call
Listen to this audio to learn how to invite a prospect to your Private Conference Call.

Listen to Example Private Conference Call 
Listen to this sample Private Conference Call to familiarize yourself with how your upline might faciliate the Private Conference Call.

Use Get Paid Daily Video During Your Private Business Reception
Use the Get Paid Daily video during your PBR to share the membership and the opportunity with your prospects. Other market versions are available for AK-HI, MA-NV, NY, and Canada.

Use Your Memberships LSLogo.pngIDS Logo.png
Download the LegalShield and IDShield apps and contact your Provider Law Firm about a legal issue as soon as possible. Facts tell and stories tell. Create your own stories today.

Use The Tools PBLS Logo.png
Download and connect your Prospect by LegalShield account to your Associate account. 

Get Plugged In
You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Checkout how you can get plugged into LegalShield here. Early on in your business, don't plug into everything. Get out to events and listen to your team conference calls. 

LevelUp and Performance Club Qualify
Your number one focus during your first 20 days of business is to LevelUp to Sr. Associate You can LevelUp to Sr. Associate by enrolling 6 new members or by enrolling 3 new members and recruiting 1 new Associate with a membership. While working on leveling up to Sr. Associate, you will earn points toward Performance Club Qualification. Click here to learn more about Performance Club.


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