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Elevate by LegalShield is a three-day event like no other. Gain inspiration and insight from LegalShield leaders and fellow lawyers from across the nation. Hear from those who are passionate about eliminating the justice gap in North America and learn how to elevate your legal work through referrals. Discover new ways to run your practice more efficiently at the tech show and attend up to 10 engaging CLE courses covering a wide range of topics. Join us June 28-30, 2018 at the beautiful Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Thursday, June 28, 2018




Friday, June 29, 2018

Welcome from Jeff Bell

CLE Sessions

Entertainment - Lunch Provided

CLE Sessions

Saturday, June 30, 2018

CLE Sessions

Panel on Personal Injury


Continuing Legal Education

In addition to the opportunities to learn from powerful speakers, network with your peers and seeing the latest technology, Elevate by LegalShield offers a selection of affordable Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses, all included in the conference registration fee. Each course covers timely topics important to legal professionals.
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Personal Injury Case Selection

Presented by James Hundley and Brooks Hundley

James and Brooks Hundley will be discussing the selection of Personal Injury cases.

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How Small Firms are Innovating to Build Better Practices

Presented by Sam Glover

How are small firms around the country innovating to gain tremendous competitive advantages? Sam Glover is chief editor for the Lawyerist, which is home to the largest online community of solo and small-firm lawyers in the world dedicated to helping lawyers start, manage, and grow successful practices. Sam will show us how and why law firms are developing new legal services, bucking traditional pricing models, and bringing design-thinking to their firms.

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Customer Service and the Legal Profession

Presented by David Shimanovsky and Mae Hung

David Shimanovsky and Mae Hung discuss the importance of customer service in the legal profession and steps one can use to improve the service provided to members and clients.

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Presented by Joy Webb and Keith Schneider

Joy Webb and Keith Schneider discuss sexual harassment in the workplace. They will overview both sides: accuser and offender.

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Personal Injury Panel

Presented by David Watermeier, Sharon Gentry, Albert OliziBen Farrow, and Bill Thrush

In this panel discussion, Ben Farrow, Sharon Gentry, Albert Olizi and Bill Thrush will discuss all-things personal injury. David Watermeier will be the moderator.

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Tech Talks: How Legal Technology can Assist Your Practice

Moderated by Mary Juetten and Presented by our Tech Talk Sponsors: Accel Marketing, LawDroid, One400, 1Law and Practice Panther

LegalShield believes that technology can assist our members and lawyers alike. Elevate’s legal technology experts will share how software can improve your practice and client experience in the following areas: website, marketing, pricing, chatbots, and practice management. Instead of sales pitches, our presenters will explain how technology enhances and complements the practice of law. 

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Traffic Tickets & DUI

Presented by Pat Monks and Gary Wood

Pat Monks will speak to the group on how they can make money in a traffic ticket practice. His key points will be networking and being organized. He will also speak on the growing target market for CDL drivers and undocumented unlicensed drivers.

Gary Wood will present an overview of what an expungement is and how it can benefit members.  Wood will also give a general overview of how they are obtained and what states have expungement statutes.

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Presented by Erik Johnson

Erik will be presenting on condemnation law and inverse condemnation law -- the legal issues surrounding the government's exercise of their power of eminent domain.  Erik will walk through the procedure for a governmental taking, the legal effects thereof, the practical financial ramifications for the property owner and their counsel, and the Federal court's recent decisions affecting this process.

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Independent Contractor

Presented by Shannon Mandel

Shannon Mandel will give a review of recent IRS determinations regarding classification of independent contractors versus employees and a review of major federal employment laws including: FLSA, FLMA, ADA, EEOC and NLRB.

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Ethics & Limited Scope Law

Presented by Ron Jones

Ron Jones will be speaking on understanding the basics regarding limited scope representation, the LegalShield environment, and working effectively to provide legal services by phone. Included are topics regarding the ethics, the financial aspects, and the desired objectives of a limited scope practice. Especially important is the section on how to improve on the quality and efficiency of the B1 practice, which leads to better work product and better job satisfaction.

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Access to Justice Through Technology: The Future of Your Law Practice

Presented by Mary Juetten and Wayne Hassay

Mary Juetten and Wayne Hassay will explore how technology optimally deployed will coincide with an expansion of those who can provide routine services, regulatory change and collaboration with other disciplines. All of this, so consumers’ problems can be more widely resolved, more affordably, efficiently and completely.

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Access to Law: Legal Protection Insurance & Legal Plans

By Antje Fedderke

Antje Fedderke, the RIAD Secretary General, will be speaking on legal protection insurance.

For 50 min states:  12 general hours, plus 2.4 hours of ethics.  For 60 min states:  10 general hours, plus 2 hours of ethics. CLE credit will only be given to those attending the live sessions at the conference.


If you’re passionate about your practice and ensuring North Americans have access to justice, Elevate by LegalShield is the event for you. Hear from powerful speakers, network with lawyers from across the nation, gain knowledge and leave armed with the tools to take your practice to the next level.

Elevate Videos

What's the point of ^elevate? Can it really help my practice? Why should I attend? Is it a good fit for me? If you have any of these questions, watch these videos below and you will find your answer!

How has being a part of LegalShield ^elevated your practice?

How does LegalShield change things?

Why did you attend ^elevate?

Why is ^elevate a good fit for lawyers?

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While you’re here, attend a variety of engaging courses and earn up to 12 hours of state-approved Continuing Legal Education (CLE) – it’s all included in the $149 registration fee.

Tech Show

The Tech Show at Elevate is the perfect time to engage with vendors and check out the latest advances geared specifically toward the legal industry. Test out the tech and stock up on the tools you need to run your practice efficiently and effectively.

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Ben Farrow The Anderson Law Firm


Because the legal business is all about thought—no product—you have to be at things like Elevate where you’re getting future ideas to know where you’re headed. It’s thought leadership.

Mae Hung Shimanovsky & Moscardini


Attending Elevate is a great way to find out new information about things that not only the other Provider Firms are doing but also what LegalShield has in store for us.

Bill Thrush Friedman, Framme & Thrush


Doesn’t matter what your practice is … There is something here [at Elevate] that you’re going to take away with you.

David Watermeier Morrow, Poppe, Watermeier & Lonowski


The Elevate conference is a great fit for lawyers because it does, in essence, elevate what they do on a regular basis.

Access to Justice in our Local Communities


In January 2017 the Denver Riggs Abney Law Firm, the Colorado LegalShield provider firm of 20 years, made a commitment to the Colorado Bar Association to focus on adding more pro bono work to our Denver lawyer’s practice.

It was at that point the idea of “Law Nights” was created.  Law Nights began with a conversation between the Denver Riggs Abney management team and the director of Warren Village, an inter-city Denver non-profit that provides safe, affordable housing, early care and education, and a variety of family services, and now includes Adam City Middle School in Commerce City. The mission of Law Nights is to increase access to the justice system for low-income families and single-parent households.  Consultations, in English and Spanish, are provided in private or semi-private settings at the host facility. 

The creation and success of “Law Nights” could not be done without the commitment and dedication of the attorneys who, even after a full day of consulting and helping LegalShield members, then spend their evening helping others in need. Their hard work has resulted in expanding the LegalShield mission to providing Access to Justice at a new level to the Denver community.  The law nights include Colorado referral attorneys and other local attorneys who have reached out to be a part of this growing program.