Get Started Right Program - Step 1

 Your Goal: LevelUp Qualify to Sr. Associate in 20 days or less.

You can achieve this goal two ways: 
1) enrolling 3 members and recruiting 1 Associate; or
2) enrolling 6 members.

Either way gets you paid and promoted, and if you do it in 20 days or less, you will earn
a $180 LevelUp bonus. 
Ready to get started right? Watch the video and download the First Step Guide below. 


 In Get Started Right Step 1, you will learn how to set proper expectations for your new business from Darnell Self,
Executive Vice President & $1 Million Ring Earner.  Fill in the First Step Guide in as you complete the series.

 Download     First Step Guide   

This 4-step 30-minute video training series has been designed to help you reach your goal: LevelUp Qualify in 20 days or less. Commit to 30 minutes of training now and set yourself up for success in the years to come.
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