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20/20/20 Associate Onboarding ProgramFSQ_6_Blue.png

The 20/20/20 Associate Onboarding Program will help guide your actions in the first 20 minutes, 20 hours, and 20 days of launching your LegalShield business to help you Fast Start your knowledge and skills, which could lead to expedited results! 

Once your new associate application has been processed, you will receive daily emails throughout your Fast Start Qualification period with tips, motivation, and education from successful field leaders and executives to support your every step.

Download your 20/20/20 Launch Guide now and explore all of the resources available in your Digital Associate Starter Kit below. 

Download Your 20/20/20 Launch Guide Here



Find the resources you need to build your list, complete your First Step business plan, prepare for your Private Business Reception, and get started in your LegalShield business.



Locate the business presentations, fact sheets, video, and mobile apps needed to work your business.BLUE-SUBSECTION-LINE.png



Get connected and plugged into what's happening at LegalShield through the weekly LegalShield Associate Newsletter, the weekly shows and calls, the LegalShield Calendar, and the social media channels.


Continue to grow and develop your knowledge and skills with with hundreds of online courses and face-to-face courses to choose from.