Step 1: Welcome to LegalShield

 Get Started Right!

Congratulations on your decision to join LegalShield! Your #1 goal is to LevelUp Qualify with 3 memberships and 1 Associate, which will advance you to the Senior Associate position. Do this in your first 20 days and you will earn a $180 LevelUp bonus.

Follow Steps 1-4 of the Get Started Right program and LevelUp! 

Darnell Self
Former Retail Manager - Maryland

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Watch this video training and learn from Executive Vice President & $1 Million Ring Earner, Darnell Self, how to start your LegalShield business the right way & how to set proper expectations. If prompted for a login, use your login credentials provided in your welcome email for the Associates Only Back Office (AOBO).

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*Note: The First Step Guide is being edited to have 4 steps instead of 5.

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