About Performance Club

Performance Club is the engine that drives your LegalShield business.  Below you can reference how to qualify, earn points, earn rewards as well as earn trips and find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Performance Club.

Qualify for Performance Club

  • Earn 120 points each month.
  • Have a Performance Club Personal Retention value of 77%.
  • Be a LegalShield Advantage Subscriber.
  • Be in Good Standing with the company.

Earn Points

  • Every $1 of Monthly Premium Volume is worth 1 point.
  • Earn 40 points for a new recruit with a membership.
  • Earn 20 points the first time your new recruit has activity (no time limit).
  • Earn 20 points when your new recruit Levels Up in their first 20 days.

Carry Over Points

  • Each month you can "Carry Over" 120 points towards PC qualification.
  • Establish your next months qualification by pushing past 120 points for the month.

Earn Freedom Bonuses

  • Qualify 3 consecutive months and earn your first freedom bonus of $100!
  • Qualify 6 consecutive months and earn your second freedom bonus of $150!
  • Qualify 9 consecutive months and earn your third freedom bonus of $200!
  • Qualify 12 consecutive months to 23 consecutive months and earn a $300 monthly freedom bonus!
  • Qualify 24 consecutive months to 35 consecutive months and earn a $400 monthly freedom bonus!
  • Qualify 36 consecutive months and beyond to earn a $500 monthly freedom bonus!

Qualify for Performance Club Trips

  • Join us on one of our 4 quarterly trips! Trips will be Fun in the Sun, International Convention, Historical/Cultural/Holiday, & Leaders @ All Levels convention. 
  • Each trip will have a 90 day qualification period. You are never more than 90 days away from qualifying for another trip!
    • Trip 1 "Fun in the Sun" qualification period will be January-March with the trip being awarded in June.  This trip will include airfare, hotel, and select amenities for the destination for two.
    • Trip 2 "L@AL Convention" qualification period will be April-June with the trip being awarded in September.  This trip will include airfare and hotel room for corporate event for two.
    • Trip 3 "Holiday/Historical/Cultural" qualification period will be July-September with the trip being awarded in December.  This trip will include airfare, hotel, and select amenities for the destination for two.
    • Trip 4 "Annual Convention" qualification period will be October-December with the trip being awarded in March/April.  This trip will include airfare and hotel room for corporate event for two.
  • To qualify for a trip, PCQX2, which means Performance Club qualify each month as well as accumulate 720 points for the quarter. 
  • Trips are great but upgraded trips are better!  To earn upgrades, PCQX3, which means Performance Club Qualify and accumulate 1080 points for the quarter; based on availability.
  • Once the time frame is over,  the next 60 days will be used to measure retention and then 30 days after to book travel.

PC Reboot

  • One time assist within a 12 month period.
  • Associates must make up the points by the 15th of the following month.  All processing deadlines must be met.  See the Success Guide in the AOBO for processing deadlines
  • If PC Reboot is used in the payout month of the first 12 months (3, 6, & 9), the PC bonus will be paid after the end of the following month when requalified.
  • After 12 months, no PC "Freedom" bonus will be issued for the month PC Reboot is used. 

Additional Rules

  • Carry Over points are points that you have accumulated over the 120 total that you can use to PCQ for the next month. You can Carry Over up to 120 points. Carry Over points do not count toward trip qualification.
  • CDLP plans are excluded from the Performance Club program.
  • Members that reinstate under 6 months will not produce any Performance Club points.
  • Members that reinstate over 6 months but before 5 years to a new writing associate will produce points based on premium value.
  • Upgrades to memberships that have remained active are eligible to earn PC Points.
  • Prior members that have been out over 5 years will produce points to any associate based on premium value.
  • Reinstated Associates who meet the reinstatement guidelines will issue points. See Success Guide for details.
  • Must be a LegalShield Advantage subscriber.
  • To qualify for trips you must maintain an Organizational Rolling Retention value that is no lower than 3 points below company average. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to hear Patrick Hodges break down the All New Performance Club program. 

New Program FAQs

Q:  Will there be carryover in new program?
A:  Yes.  Up to 120 points can carry over to following month.

Q:  How will carry-over be calculated from March to April?
A:  March carryover points into April will be converted at 24:1 ratio.  One point in current program would convert to 24 points in April.

Q:  If my new recruit already has a membership, will I still get the 40 points?
A: You can receive the 40 points for a new recruit if they purchase a new membership or were an existing member previously.  Membership must be legal plan in non-licensed states.  Membership can be IDT plan in licensed states.

Q: What is the criteria for the 20 activity points when a new associate produces a piece of business?
A: The new associate must be active and have no prior activity. 

Q:  How do we earn the PC points for new activity by our recruits?
A:  You receive 20 points for helping your new associate generate a membership or a new recruit w/membership.  Help them LevelUP and receive 20 more points.  

Q:  If I place my new recruit, who gets the PC points, the placing associate or sponsoring associate?
A:  The intent is to reward the activity of the person doing the actual recruiting so the points would be awarded to the placing associate. 

Q:  How does retention apply to the new Performance Club?
A:  Bonuses are paid based on minimum rolling 12-month retention metrics.  Freedom bonuses are based on Personal retention.  Trips are based on Organizational retention.  Current minimums are 77% but will adjust over time based on company performance.  Changes, if any, will be announced during previous quarter.

Q:  Do reinstated members and/or associates generate new PC points?
A:  Yes.  If they meet the established reinstatement criteria.  See Success Guide for further details.

Transition FAQs

Q. Can I still qualify for PCQ4Life in the future with the new program?
A. No. There will not be any new qualifiers of PCQ4Life with the new Performance Club.

Q:  If I currently participate in the BMW program, will I continue to receive the $500 bonus?
A:  Yes.  As long as you continue in BMW program and continue to PCQ each month.

Q: I was pushing hard to earn my BMW bonus.  Is there any way I can still opt into the BMW program?
A:  Associates qualifying for 8 consecutive months or more by March 31, 2017 will continue to have the BMW option going forward.

Q: For existing PC qualifiers, when will new bonuses start?
A:  Current number of qualifying months will continue forward so if April will be your third month, you would be eligible for the 3-month bonus and so on.

Still Have Questions? Shoot us an email at performanceclub@legalshieldcorp.com!