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BLUE-SUBSECTION-LINE.pngProspect by LegalShield

Make prospecting fun with Prospect by LegalShield (PBLS). Prospect by LegalShield is a complete system to collect, expose and follow-up with your warm market prospects. It is a revolutionary way to leverage the high touch of networking with the high tech of internet marketing. Welcome to the new era of prospecting. Prospect by LegalShield is a simple, easy-to-implement app that allows you to effortlessly initiate customized email campaigns with your target customers as well as send resources to prospects via email, text and postings on your social media platforms.  Download the flier here. For more information on how to use the app, click here.


Get Started with the Prospect by LegalShield App


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  • The Prospect by LegalShield app is set up with the resources you need most when you first launch your business. You have the ability to add more resources to the app from the website but we encourage you to limit distractions and use the tools available in the app upon download while you are a new associate. After you have been in business for awhile and know more about your business, you may want to add resources to your app by going to, selecting Resources, clicking on Resources in App and clicking on the plus sign to add and the minus sign to delete resources from the app.
  • You can increase your opt-in ratios by letting your prospect know that you are going to send them an email to confirm that they want to receive information from you that they must confirm to receive the information.
  • You can unenroll prospects from a campaign through the website.
  • You can increase your contact limits from 25 per day to unlimited by increasing your opt-in ratios to 80% or higher.
  • Add calendar events to your app in the Contacts section of the app.
  • Get state, province, and buisness specific resources added to your app by editing your profile at and entering the the codes for the resources you want available in your app:


    Resource Type                               Code

    Canadian                                         canada

    CDLP                                               cdlp

    Broker – Agent                                 BrokerAgent

    Group                                               lsgroup

    Hawaii and Alaska                           lshiak

    Massachusetts                                 lsmass

    Nevada                                             lsnevada

    New York                                          lsnewyork

    Small Business                                 smallbiz

    Spanish                                            lsspanish