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Many successful LegalShield Associates have followed the teachings of internationally renowned speaker and leadership expert John Maxwell. His organizations—The John Maxwell Company, The John Maxwell Team, EQUIP, and the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation—have trained millions of leaders touching every nation in the world. Read on to see what your LegalShield colleagues have to say about John Maxwell!

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"John Maxwell is truly a leaders of leaders. We have read many of his books and each one gives us insights to becoming one step better as a leader.  His 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership are irrefutable. To have him "LIVE" at our event is nothing short of a miracle, a dream come true for Charlene and I.  This event is one of the biggest opportunities we have had in our career with LegalShield."

Rob Mackenzie, VP, Ontario and Manitoba

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"We all have the same product, compensation, marketplace, economy and opportunity. The difference between those who build a monster business and those who don’t comes down to one thing: leadership. John Maxwell teaches that leadership is influence, and influence is leadership. Your ability to move people in a positive, productive manner is the difference between small success and unlimited success. "

Kevin Mohler, Executive Director and NVP

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"Developing leadership skills is a must if you want to grow a large team at LegalShield.  John Maxwell has taught us the irrefutable laws of leadership, how to develop the leader in ourselves, and how to develop the leaders around us. HUGE impact on our business growth. "

Theresa AuCoin, Executive Director

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"John Maxwell is literally synonymous with leadership. I know all of us have spent countless hours of time with him virtually sharpening our skills via his books and audio. To have the opportunity to hear from him directly is a life long dream and is sure to move the needle for all associates at all levels of their career. "

Kai Deering, Executive Director and NVP

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"The greatest investment you can make is in developing your leadership skills. In LS we are rewarded for becoming great leaders. John Maxwell is the best at helping develop those skills."

 Mike Melia, Executive Director, $500K Ring Earner

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"Are you developing followers or are you developing leaders?  John Maxwell is single handedly the best teacher on leadership!  As soon as I started reading his books I went from developing producers to developing leaders."  

Liz Lequeux, Executive Director

I will never forget reading John Maxwell principle on the "Law of the Lid" and be inspired by the idea the leaders are developed and not born. We all can do more, be more and have more.  Maxwell's principles are timeless. 

Patrick Shaw, Executive Director

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"I saw John Maxwell speak at the LegalShield Leadership conference and his advice transformed my career! This was one of the best things I've ever done to develop my leadership skills!"

YOU (after attending Leaders@All Levels 2017!)

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