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"LSA helps me to keep my team's activities simple and duplicatable! My new teammates can easily put a prospect into their Prospect by LegalShield app, send them to their website to sign up, and even track their business as it grows!  In my opinion LegalShield Advantage it essential to grow an organization that spreads across the US and Canada!"

- Karen Beverly
100k Ring Earner
Gold Executive Director


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"LegalShield Advantage is a MUST for all associates that are serious about growing their business.  The benefits of having your own website, Prospect by LegalShield app, Zoom video conferencing, Direct and Group Messaging, training, reports, and access to qualify for Incentives FAR outweigh the $20 a month cost.  Having LSA as a resource has helped me build my business from Associate all the way to Platinum!"

- Ted Ma
100k Ring Earner
Bronze Executive Director

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"LegalShield Advantage is everything you need to run a profitable business with LegalShield.  Just like an ice cream parlor needs cups, cones, toppings, and of course ice cream, every associate needs LegalShield Advantage!  Your advantage services provide you all the necessary tools and resources to run your business successfully."

- Michael Fedick
Executive Director

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"LegalShield Advantage has yielded the largest return, yet been the smallest financial investment we've made in our business.  It's the ONE tool that allows us to execute our daily method of operation in building, not only a local but a nationwide business. All the serious team builders on our team have LegalShield Advantage!"

- Bert Calhoun & Fatima Salaam
300k Ring Earners
Platinum World Council Members
Platinum Executive Directors
Millionaire Club Members