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Elevate by LegalShield is a three-day event like no other. Gain inspiration and insight from LegalShield leaders and fellow lawyers from across the nation. Hear from those who are passionate about eliminating the justice gap in North America and learn how to elevate your legal work through referrals. Discover new ways to run your practice more efficiently at the tech show and attend up to 10 engaging CLE courses covering a wide range of topics. Join us July 6-8, 2017 at the beautiful Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, CA.

Thursday, July 6, 2017



Welcome and Presentation from Jeff Bell, LegalShield Chief Executive Officer

Tech Talks

Friday, July 7, 2017

Registration and Tech Show

Vision and Product Update from James Rosseau, LegalShield Chief Commercial Officer

CLE Session

Keynote Speaker - Chris Bliss (Lunch Provided)

CLE Sessions

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tech Show

CLE Session

Lunch Provided

CLE Session


Continuing Legal Education

In addition to the opportunities to learn from powerful speakers, network with your peers and seeing the latest technology, Elevate by LegalShield offers a selection of affordable Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses, all included in the conference registration fee. Each course covers timely topics important to legal professionals.
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Future Practice of Law 

Learn how technology is impacting the practice of law right now. That impact will grow exponentially in the coming years. Technology is a force that courts, lawyers and bar associations must embrace, as the public will, and in fact, is already, demanding it. Technology will be a primary force in solving America’s access to justice problem. Presented by Wayne Hassay and  Jim Merritt.

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Emotional Intelligence for Lawyers

In this insightful course, you’ll learn how Emotional Intelligence (EI) impacts the workplace. Understand the five elements of establishing the framework of EI, why EI is important and the five ways it can disrupt your career. You’ll also learn ways to improve EI and methods of reducing stress. Presented by Wendy Newman Glantz.

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Advising your Clients Regarding Concealed Weapons and Self Defense

This course covers the ins and outs of concealed weapons and self-defense laws touching on Arizona law, federal law, common law and common sense. Learn about caveats on self-defense, legal liability and reciprocity. You’ll learn statistics on self-defense and tips on how to prepare for carrying a concealed weapon. Learn the rules for traveling with a gun and important things a person should do/say before, during and after shooting in self-defense including interactions with authorities. This well-rounded course also covers alternatives to concealed weapons and tips to avoid conflict. Presented by Ron Jones.

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Advising the Start-Up/New Business Owner; Buying and Selling a Business

This course begins with an overview of entrepreneurship in the U.S. Economy and the benefits associated with LLCs followed by the challenges presented by DIY LLC formation. You’ll learn about typical LLC clients and essential discussion topics like risk mitigation, tax savings, and understanding LLC relationships. Presented byMichael Fiffik

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Contemporary Issues in Education Law

Some of the biggest issues in education law today concern bullying. Learn the historical legal background on this issue and the laws governing things like student-on-student harassment as well as what constitutes “district knowledge” or “deliberate indifference” and where duties lie with both schools and parents. Learn about state anti-bullying and anti-discrimination statutes as well as special concerns relating to children with disabilities. Presented by Jerry Tanenbaum.

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Mass Torts, Multidistrict Litigation

This course covers Mass Torts, Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) and Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JMPL). Learn the history of each, the distinctions and relevant statutes for MDL proceedings. Find out the common attorney fees in MDL proceedings and tips every lawyer should consider when clients participate in MDL settlements. Presented by David Riggs and Kris Koepsel.

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Consumer Law--Defending the Debtor and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be complex, therefore people who file bankruptcy are almost always represented by an attorney. This course covers basic bankruptcy law and applications necessary to represent and defend a debtor. Learn how bankruptcy begins, property of the estate, exemptions, avoidance and executory contracts as outlined in the Bankruptcy Code. Learn about the different categories of bankruptcy, involuntary bankruptcy and more. You’ll also see the different filing and miscellaneous fees associate with bankruptcy filing. Presented by Chuck Riffee and Marianna Fenton Hibbard.

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Cyber Security/Identity Theft

Hacks happen and law firms are prime targets for the important information they keep on clients including personally identifiable information (PII). This course covers areas of risk for law firms, things to look out for, like phishing or malware and ways to protect against hacking. You’ll also learn detection and recovery tips. Presented by Larry Framme and Gary Beck.

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Estate Planning and Living Trusts

Estate planning and living trusts will be the focus, with excellent materials and examples provided. This will also cover estate tax issues for all the states. An overview of the issues that need to be addressed from start to finish will be discussed, along with helpful tips in completing the documents. Presented by Scott Howard.

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Ethical Implications and Other Issues for Lawyers Managing Their Online Brands

Your online brand and how you manage it is more important than ever before. This course covers online personal branding for the entrepreneurial lawyer including the do’s and don’ts, tips on handling social media comments, info on how to find out what people are saying and even rules on advertising and direct contact with prospective clients. Presented by Ben Farrow, Bill Thrush and Mike Fiffik; Mariam Ballard,  and Candace Timmons.

For 50 min states: 13 general hours, including 1.8 hours of ethics.  For 60 min states: 10.75 general hours, including  1.5 hours of ethics. CLE credit will only be given to those attending the live sessions at the conference


If you’re passionate about your practice and ensuring North Americans have access to justice, Elevate by LegalShield is the event for you. Hear from powerful speakers, network with lawyers from across the nation, gain knowledge and leave armed with the tools to take your practice to the next level.

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Register for Elevate 2017!

Elevate Your Network

Connect with law firms from across the U.S. and Canada, meet LegalShield leaders and learn how to get more referrals through the LegalShield referral attorney network.


Elevate Your Practice

Gain insight from our speakers and let our Tech Show vendors share the latest tools to help you manage your practice more efficiently and improve your customer service.


Elevate Your Knowledge (CLE) 

While you’re here, attend a variety of engaging courses and earn up to 12 hours of state-approved Continuing Legal Education (CLE) – it’s all included in the $99 registration fee.

Tech Show

The Tech Show at Elevate is the perfect time to engage with vendors and check out the latest advances geared specifically toward the legal industry. Test out the tech and stock up on the tools you need to run your practice efficiently and effectively.

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