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Sales Presentations 

Decision Maker Presentation

For HR Managers and Business Owners

DM Presentation USA (2/16)

DM Presentation Canada (2/16)

DM Presentation  Canada- with audio (2/16)

DM Presentation Canada East - with audio (3/16)

DM Presentation FL (2/16)

DM Presentation FL - with audio (2/16)

DM Presentation HI (2/16)

DM Presentation HI - with audio (2/16)

DM Presentation NY (2/16)

DM Presentation NV (2/16)

DM Presentation NV - with audio (2/16)

DM Presentation MA (2/16)

Resources for DM Presentations

Invitation for DM Event - PDF (4/16)

Group Presentation Survey (4/16)


IDShield Presentations

IDShield Presentation


Identity Theft Webinars 

(For your customers)

NEW - Vacation Tips to Protect Your Identity (7/16)

Identity Theft Myths and Realities (6/16)

Credit Security Freeze (5/16)

Scammers Targeting Employees (4/16)

Top Identity Theft Complaints of  2015 (3/16) 

Anatomy of a Scam (2/16)

Tax Identity Theft (1/16)

Holiday Identity Theft (12/15)


Identity Theft Podcasts

TAX ID Theft Awareness Week

Anatomy of a Scam

Top Five ID Theft Complaints of 2015

Business Email Compromise Scams


Resources for Webinars

(Send to your customers)

NEW - 10 Tips to Protecting your Identity on Vacation Flier (7/16)

Email Template Identity Theft Myths and Realities (6/16)

Credit Security Freeze Flier (5/16)

Email Template for Credit Security Freeze Webinar (5/16)

Email Template for Scammers Targeting Employees (4/16)

Business Email Compromise Flier (4/16)

Email Template Top 5 Identity Theft Complaints 2015 (3/16)

Anatomy of a Scam Flier (2/16)

Email Template - Anatomy of a Scam (2/16)

Tax ID Theft Flier (1/16)

Email Template - Tax ID Theft (1/16)


Associate Training Webinars 

NEW - GWC Training with Melissa Wilder & James Rosseau (8/16)


White Papers

Legal Needs of American Families

Legal Needs of Small Business

Small Business: What's on Their Minds

How Brokers Can Feature Legal and Identity Theft Solutions Among Voluntary Offerings 


Product Videos

NEW  Legal Plan and IDShield Overview w/o pricing (7/16)

NEW Small Business Legal Plan 10 50 100

New York Standard Legal Plan w/o IDT w/o Enrollment Fee

IDShield Overview

IDShield Overview Without Prices

LegalShield Introduction: Pre-paid Legal Services

How a LegalShield Membership Works

LegalShield: How We Work with Provider Law Firms

LegalShield as an Employee Benefit

LegalShield Broker Overview

Family Identity Theft

Premium Identity Theft

Legal Plans

101 Reasons to Use LegalShield (2/16)

101 Reasons to Use LegalShield for Your Small Business (3/16)

NEWLegalShield Only Member App Flier (8/16)

NEW - LegalShield and IDShield App Flier (8/18)

Small Business Testimonials

Legal Plan Supplement

Legal Plan Flat Sheet--EXCEPT Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York

Legal Plan Fact Sheet--Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York

Legal Plan Flat Sheet - Canada  ($18.50) Group

Legal Plan Flat Sheet - Canada

Small Biz 10, 50 and 100 Plans USA-- EXCEPT Florida

Small Business Plans--Florida 

Small Biz 10, 50 and 100 Plans Canada

Home Business Supplement (4/16)

Small Business Plan Recommendation Sheet 

Small Business Plan Recommender

Small Business Proposal Tool


Identity Theft Plans 

NEW - IDShield Booklet (8/16)

IDShield vs. Credit Monitoring vs. LifeLock 

NEW IDShield Head to Head Comparisons (7/16)

IDShield Activation 1-2-3 Steps (PDF) (5/16)

NEWIDShield Flat Sheet (8/16)

IDShield Flat Sheet Canada 

IDShield Services and Features for Employee Benefit Members (7/16)

IDShield Services and Features

ID Theft Basic

ID Theft Premium

LegalShield IDT vs IDShield - Plan Comparison Chart (3/16)

LegalShield and Kroll Partnership

IRS Decision on Identity Theft Service Plans for Employers(1/16)


Employer-Paid IDShield

IDShield Employer-Paid Benefit Email Associate to Client

IDShield Employer-Paid Benefit Email Member Welcome

IDShield Employer-Paid Benefit Email Employer to Employee



NEW -Commercial Drivers Legal Plan Video (7/16)

CDLP Prospecting Flier (4/16)

CDLP Brochure

Road America CDLP Brochure

Super CDLP Brochure

Super CDLP Fact Sheet (4/16)

Basic CDLP Fact Sheet (4/16)

Road America CDLP Fact Sheet (4/16)

CDLP Quick Start Membership Guide (4/16)



Associate Applications

Associate Application - USA (4/16)

Associate Application - Canada (4/16)

Associate Application - Spanish (4/16)

Universal Memberships

Universal Membership Application (US) 

Universal Membership Application (Canada) 

Universal Membership Application (Spanish)

Small Business Legal Application (US)

Small Business Plan Application (Canada)

Employee Benefit/Group Forms

Employee Membership Application

NEW - Group Authorization Form  (Fillable Gold Card)

NEW - Group Commission Rule Form (8/16)

Group Enrollment Sheet (Fillable) (4/16)

Group Enrollment Flier Legal Only (7/16)

Commission Share Agreement (6/16)

Broker Division Agreements

NEW - GA Seller Agreement (8/16)

NEW - GA Seller/Builder Agreement (8/16)


MY Group Account/ HR Admin Site Information

NEWMy Group Account Training (6/16)

NEW - Learn About My Group Account (8/16)

NEW - My Group Account Quick Start Guide (8/16)

NEW - Servicing Associate Registration Form (6/16)

NEW - Plan Administrator Registration Form (6/16)




Overview of All Products

15 Affirmations

10 Core Commitments

GoSmallbiz Fact Sheet

Group Benefits Handbook

Group Legal + IDShield Pricing Sheet (3/16)

LegalShield iPhone app Instructions

NEW - Membership Quick Start Guide (7/16)

HR Flier Version 1

HR Flier Version 2

HR Flier IDShield Only

HR Flier Legal Only

HR Flier Canada Version 1

HR Flier Canada Version 2



Legal Plan Member Kit Fulfillment Guide

IDShield Member Onboarding Guide

LegalShield Portfolio of Services-- Generic(6/16)

            USA , FL/MA/NV/NY, Canada

LegalShield Portfolio of Services-- Broker(6/16)

              USA,  FL/MA/NV/NYCanada

NEWProposal Requests/Self-Serve Proposals

Please email Broker@LegalShield.com for the latest rate card.


Recruiting Materials

NEW - B2B Recruitment Brochure version 1 (6/16)

NEW - B2B Recruitment Brochure version 2 (6/16)

Broker Recruitment Brochure (3/16)

On Demand B2B Virtual Briefing (3/16)

Do You Know Someone Who? (3/16)

NEW - Register for a Hosted B2B Briefing here!

Register Now

Invite your B2B  Prospects - USA & Canada

 Invitation for B2B Prospects (PDF) 

 Invitation for B2B Prospects (PDF)

 Invitation for B2B Prospects (PDF)

 Invitation for B2B Prospects (PDF)

 Invitation for B2B Prospects (PDF)

Invitation for B2B Prospect (Email Template)

Virtual B2B Briefing PPT USA Versions (4/16)

Virtual B2B Briefing for Benefit Brokers

Virtual B2B Briefing for Commission Sales 

Virtual B2B Briefing for Entrepreneurs

Virtual B2B Briefing for Licensed Insurance Agents 

Virtual B2B Briefings PPT Canada Versions

Virtual B2B Briefing for Benefit Brokers

Virtual B2B Briefing for Commission Sales

Virtual B2B Briefing for Entrepreneurs

Virtual B2B Briefing for Licensed Insurance Agents

B2B Briefings

B2B Briefing USA (2/16)

B2B Briefing USA - with audio (2/16)

B2B Briefing Canada (2/16)

B2B Briefing Canada - with audio (2/16)

B2B Briefing Canada East - with audio (3/16)

B2B Briefing FL (2/16)

B2B Briefing FL - with audio (2/16)

B2B Briefing HI (2/16)

B2B Briefing HI - with audio (2/16)

B2B Briefing MA (2/16)

B2B Briefing NY (2/16)

B2B Briefing NY - with audio (2/16)

B2B Briefing NV (2/16)

B2B Briefing NV - with audio (2/16)