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Enrollment Resources

Ready to start the enrollment process? Everything you need for enrollments is right here.

Enrollment Resources


Decision-Maker Presentation

Use Decision-Maker presentations for meetings with human resource professionals and business owners.

DM Presentations


Identity Theft Presentations and Webinars

LegalShield hosts a monthly webinar on identity theft with partner Kroll, a global cyber security firm. Share these resources with your clients and their staffs.

Webinars and Podcasts


Overview and Product Videos

Our industry-leading solutions cover millions of lives across the United States and Canada.

Overview and Product Videos


White Papers

Use white papers for account servicing and prospecting.

White Papers


Member Resources

New members get up and running quickly with these tools. Also includes the Portfolio of Services.

Member Resources

Legal Plans

Our legal plans, both family and individual, are our flagship products.

Family and Individual Legal Plans


Small Business Plans

Small businesses depend on our legal and business plans for affordable advice and assistance.
Small Business Plans


Identity Theft Plans 

IDShield is the only identity theft protection product that comes with a team of Kroll Licensed Private Investigators on call to restore the member's identity.

Identity Theft Plans


CDLP Plans

 A commercial driver's career depends upon being on the road and unexpected legal situations can arise every day. Our CDLP plans help protect drivers and their livelihood.
CDLP Plans


Group Information/MyGroup Account

Marketing materials for group clients. HR fliers and Portfolio of Services are included, as well as employer-paid IDShield communications, My Group Account and HR Admin Site Information, and Self-Serve proposals.

Group Information

Portfolio of Services

LegalShield Portfolio of Services-- Generic
LegalShield Portfolio of Services-- Broker



B2B Recruiting Materials

LegalShield Business Solutions sells through thousands of brokers, agents and independent associates across the United States and Canada.
Recruiting Resources


Applications and Forms

Member, Group, Small Business and Associate applications and forms to help you manage your business.



Broker Division Agreements

GA Seller/Builder Agreement (9/16)

Associate Resources

15 Affirmations

10 Core Commitments

Associate Playbook: Data Breaches

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GWC - Go Walk Your Community

GWC - Go Walk Your Community  Essentials - PDF (9/16)

Go Walk Your Community Training with Melissa Wilder and James Rosseau LMS Course No. 302.50 (Requires login)